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NIA Secondary results – summer 2019


With extreme pride and pleasure we would like to share with our community the summer 2019 results achieved by our NIA Secondary students.In iGCSE, 80% of NIA Year 11 students passed at least 5 of their examinations with A*- C or 9-4, which is 13% above the UK and international iGCSE average world-wide; and 60% of our students achieved A* - Bs or 9-6.

In AS, 96% of NIA Year 12 students achieved at least 2 passes in their exams and 37% of NIA Year 12 students achieved at least 2 A-Bs. In A2, 88% of NIA Year 13 students achieved at least 2 passes in their A levels.

In total, Year 11 students achieved 104 A* or 9s; 207 As or 7&8s and 127 Bs or 6 in their iGCSE exams this summer. Year 12 students achieved 51 As, 70 Bs and 75 Cs in their AS exams. Finally, 62% of our A level grades were A-Cs.

Best achievers in Year 11 - Loubna Zar Gul achieved two A*, four 9s, two As and two 8s; Ahmed Danish Fata achieved two A*, five 9s, one A, one 8 and one 7; Maha Chowdhury achieved three 9s, two A*, two 8s, one A and one 7; Fiza Faris Tarlochan achieved four 9s, three A*, one 8 and one 7;  Fatima Rida achieved four 9s, one A*, two As, one B and one 7; and Waleed Hemdan achieved one A*, three 9s, two As, one 8 and 1 C.

Best achievers in Year 12 – 4 AS exams: Fatin Fata achieved A, A, A, A; Qadir Khan achieved A, A, A, A; Shalal Farooqui achieved A, A, A, A, Fadia Hussain achieved A, A, A, B; Omar Goma achievd B, B, B, B.

Best achievers in Year 13 – 3 A levels: Hatem Abdalla achieved A, A, A.

Well done to all NIA Secondary staff and huge congratulations to all of our students! We are very proud of you!!!